all my fav movies :)

♡ A - A Cinderella Story

love, kiss, and Hilary Duff image funny, water, and Hilary Duff image

♡ B - Before I Fall

before i fall image Image by Xavia

♡ C - Call Me By Your Name

timothee chalamet, call me by your name, and cmbyn image Image removed

♡ D - Dunkirk

Harry Styles, dunkirk, and gif image Harry Styles, dunkirk, and one direction image

♡ E - Everything, Everything

tumblr and everything everything image everything everything, maddy, and movie image

♡ F - Fallen

fallen, daniel, and movie image fallen, luce, and daniel grigori image

♡ G - (the) Greatest Showman

circus, film, and freaks image zac efron and zendaya image

♡ H - High School Musical 1 2 3

zac efron, high school musical, and troy bolton image high school musical, couple, and movie image

♡ I - Ice Princess

Temporarily removed ice, movie, and ice princess image

♡ J Jumanji: Welcome To Jungle

jumanji, movie, and karen gillan image celebrities, nature, and friends image

♡ Kiss And Cry

movie, sarah fisher, and luke bilyk image movie and kiss+and+cry image

♡ L - Legally Blonde

Image by Vogue legally blonde, elle woods, and girls image
gif, legally blonde, and promo image
(sorry I had to hahahahah)

♡ M - Mamma Mia

amanda, honey, and lay image mamma mia and movie image

♡ N - Nanny McPhee

Image removed movie image

♡ O - One Direction: This Is Us

Temporarily removed one direction, niall horan, and zayn malik image

♡ P - Pitch Perfect

pitch perfect, funny, and fat amy image movie and pitch perfect 3 image

♡ Q - I have no idea ahah ...

♡ S - Sixteen (16) Wishes

16 wishes and adorable movie image disney, movie, and debby ryan image

♡ T - Twilight

twilight, robert pattinson, and kristen stewart image Image removed

♡ U - Up

Image by Gery_09 cartoon, couple, and love image

♡ V - Vampire Academy

vampire academy, rose hathaway, and lissa dragomir image vampire academy, rose, and lissa dragomir image

♡ W - Where We Are: The Concert Film

one direction, concert, and header image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image

♡ Y :(

♡ Z - Zootopia

disney, zootopia, and zootropolis image Temporarily removed