Since Easter is right around the corner, here's a reminder why we're probably the only ones who are looking forward to it. This time of year is particularly hard for some of our little furry and feathery friends, so here are some facts to illustrate how important it is now, to choose peace and to be kind to all animals.

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A number of pet shops stop selling bunnies over the Easter holidays- and for a good reason. The fatality rate of bunnies given as Easter gifts is 80%. Four out of five are abandoned or die within twelve months. Something that many people are most likely unaware of is that bunnies can live for up to 10-12 years. If you desperately want to surprise someone with a bunny, please give them a cute plushy instead - it's just as soft and it's much nicer to celebrate Easter without killing the Easter bunny.

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Chicks and chickens

Of course, Easter eggs are probably the most traditional part of Easter and one can hardly imagine it without them. However, the egg industry is as cruel as any. All we see and think about are the pretty, colourful eggs, but at what cost did they end up in our Easter baskets?
Male and female chicks are separated at birth - since the male ones don't lay eggs and are thus useless to the industry, they're either suffocated in plastic bags or ground up alive. The female chicks have their beaks cut off with a hot blade and are later stuffed into so-called battery cages - this is where they will often spend the rest of their miserable lives. The space each hen is given measures less than a standard sheet of paper. Due to malnutrition and because they can hardly move, they often develop osteoporosis and can barely even support their own weight. If they don't die in that cage (and are then left to rot there), they are killed after about two years, when their egg production slows down. There are reports of chickens living for up to 20 years.

Side note: Free range chickens are not pet and loved to death. As soon as they start to produce less eggs than the egg industry would like them to, they have their throats slit as well.

You are supporting this with every single egg you buy.

A quick look on Pinterest will give you so, so many ideas for super easy and fantastic Easter egg alternatives, I guarantee it. The chickens will thank you.

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Easter is meant to be a celebration of life, so the irony of the tradition of killing and eating innocent lambs specifically on this occasion is just downright cruel. At around 4-6 months old, these literal babies are electrocuted and slaughtered, because we like having them for our Easter Sunday roast. Although that might sound like a quick and painless experience, it is not. These adorable, happy little balls of softness, who should be running and jumping around on a field somewhere and playing with their siblings, are perfectly aware of what's about to happen to them when they are waiting for their turn in the slaughter house. They can smell the blood and hear the cries of the other lambs and, according to an eyewitness, are "shaking, trembling. [...] Their eyes were absolutely wild."
It also sometimes happens that they regain consciousness just before having their throats slit. You can imagine the rest.
There are thousands and thousands of other delicious things you and your family can eat on Easter. Have a heart and let the lambs live, it's in your hands.

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This article turned out darker than I intended it to, but although nobody wants to hear the truth, that doesn't make it go away. It is more than possible to have a lovely Easter without any animal products at all and isn't it EVEN BETTER to celebrate without hurting others? Isn't an Easter full of kindness and compassion and vegan chocolate Easter eggs something to be desired?

Make the right choices this Easter. Choose kindness ♡