so to the people who read my previous articles, you probably figured that I've been going through hard times trying to fit in college having new friends trusting people and socializing. 💔
I don't know if you remember when I talked about my soul getting darker and I suddenly figured that Idc about anyone but no, I was wrong
this one is for lonely people (who thinks they're)🤗
to lonely students, you might think that you're all alone
but there's that one person who always stands by your side and you don't realize how important he is because he always cleans your mess until you think that it's normal and cleaning your mess is what he's supposed to be doing, he keeps fixing you no matter what but no it's not he's doing such a thing because he cares about you so much
my fixer is my EAGLE 1 🦅
he is my backup
and I just realized that I can say that he's the only person who never lies to me, NOT dramatic and pretty helpful.
he's always there for me, every time I'm in trouble or need help and when I'm fine and normal the point is he's there for me when I need him and when I don't he's the kinda of the friend that I always wanted and I finally got. he's my nonbiological brother and I'm very pleased with his presence in my life.

I won't say that I’m his bestie cause idk that but I’m saying it for sure he is mine
I have many reasons to like him he’s the ideal best friend
We do a lot of things
We watch movies then talk about it
He laughs at me because I watch the family version of everything 😂💔
He stops me when I decide to do something stupid
He’s super funny I always make him angry when I pull his hair
He’s always there for me🖤
He answers when I call at 2 am crying cause someone died in a series or to listen to me whining because I can’t find my iPod or just because I can’t sleep
Any normal person would’ve blocked me a long time ago 🚫
And the most important thing is the fact that he’s a fan of MARVEL.🙊❤️
Told you he’s perfect🖤
he is the Weasley to my Potter
the Stilinski to my McCall
I tried so hard to tell you people, how good he is I just can’t
to every lonely person, look around you very well I'm 100% sure that you have your own Eagle's you just don't realize him/her yet.
Eagle 1 thank you so much for backing me up
I LOVE YOU to the moon and never back 😴💙