Hii beautiful hearters again!!

yay, it's almost Easter, and what is Easter without some cute clothing and outfits? RIGHT nothing! (except the cute bunnies, all the chocolate and spending time with family hehe)

So here are some cute spring/easter outfit ideas!


oh and btw: my article was inpired by this one ^


☆ Soft Pastel

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by using a fluffy or soft sweater, you're creating a cute style while feeling like a cute bunny! What do you want more?

☆ Skirts

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Skirts are a super duper cute way of styling an outfit! Combine it with a fashionable belt, or a denim jacket for the ultimate outfit of the day! (maybe of the moth hehe)

☆ Flowerprints

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Flowers are a state of Easter. The spring mood is around!

☆ Flared pants

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white flared pants look cute with a crop top, or a pastelled sweater!

☆ Stripes

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nothing to say, except stripes are fashionable AND cute for Easter!

☆ Heels

heels are the perfect addition to an Easter outfit. They make the outfit look like you have put a lot of effort in it. (It looks even better when they are pastelled like these ^)


thats it!

these are only some examples, you can wear whatever you want! Have a wonderful Easter!

lots of love!