Hello to everyone who is now here in this article. I wanna show you that what is Hanami for real and what it is. I really love the Sakura trees, they are such beautiful creations. One day I want to visit this lovely and beautiful tradition somewhere, but for the real beauty, in Japan. And now, let's see this Japanese tradition.

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Hanami means flower viewing in english. People can enjoy the beauty of the gorgeous flowers in an old Japanese custom. They like the view of the cherry blossoms - Sakura's.
Hanami was celebrated more then a thousand years ago up to these days. It takes the place in Spring. We can enjoy the view of the blossoms for one or two weeks. The cherry trees bloom from the last week of March to the first week of April. After this, when the bloom weeks are over, the blossoms fall from the trees.
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Forms of Hanami

Sakura - 桜

This tradition was celebrated among the young people, because these parties are very noisy and crowded for older people.
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Ume - 梅

This is the older form of the Hanami, where the older people celebrates the plum blossoms. These are more calm than the Sakura ones.
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Little bit of the history

The practice is a very old tradition, it started during the Nara Period (710-784). In the begining, people admire the plum blossoms, by the Heian Period (794-1185) the Sakura trees began to attract more attention, then the plum blossoms. The Sakura trees were so important for the Japanese, that is why the tree becomes a cultural symbol of Japan. Japanese people believed in god's existence inside the trees. Those who were on the Hanami made offerings at the root of the Sakura trees and after the ceremony, they took part in the offering drinking sake.
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The Heian era poets wrote many poems about the Sakura's, how much easier would be the Spring without the sakura blossoms, because it reminded they, that life is very short:
If there were no cherry blossoms in the world
How much more tranquil our heart would be in Sping.

- Ariwara no Narihira

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Shortly, the farmers began their own custom of climbing mountins in the springtime and having lunch under the blooming sakura trees. Then, this was called as the spring mountin trip. Under the trees, people had lunch and drank sake.
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Hanami nowadays

Japanese people continue the traditions of Hanami. Many people hold feasts under the blooming Sakura trees. People go to different parks, to keep the best place for the celebration of Hanami, with friends, family or co-workers, and these parties go until late night. Many places people hung on paper lanterns to have yozakura - nightly Hanami.
These celebrations involve eating and drinking and listening music. Some special dishes are eaten at the occasion, like dango and bento, and also sake is a common drink on the celebration.
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Hanami around the world

Hanami celebrations are very popular outside of Japan, like Korea, China and Phlippines. Also in the United States the Hanami becomes popular, when Japan gave Sakura trees to the United States to celebrate the nations' friendship. These were planted in Washington D.C. After this, each year the National Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated when the blooming begins.
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Cherry Blossom Forecast 2018

Tokyo - March 29 - April 4
Kyoto - April 5 - April 11
Osaka - April 5 - April 11
Fukuoka - April 1 - April 7
Kumamoto - March 29 - April 5
Hiroshima - April 4 - April 10
Matsuyama - April 1 - April 7
Nara - April 6 - April 12
Nagoya - April 8 - April 14
Yokohama - April 3 - April 9
Kanazawa - April 8 - April 14
Fuji Five Lakes - March 31 - April 6
Fukushima - April 8 - April 14
Sendai - April 7 - April 13
Hakodate - April 29 - May 4
Sapporo - May 2 - May 8
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