Hi reader, <3
I wanted to help you and share things from my experience.

It might seem long, but I promise you if you will read it all you might find many useful tips.

First about my self

I am in my last year of high school but studied in the university as well in a program that allows teens to study for a degree during high school.

Two years ago I decided to drop from this program for many reasons like having no personal time at all, and having a hard time as I couldn’t focus on school lessons as on the courses.

Thow During this experience, I learned how to really make yourself study and get the best grades you can, and I really feel that I have grown and made the best of it, as I now work on my finals to get the best grades I can.
So here are e few tips and advice that I hope will help you

1. get motivated!

I know it sounds strange or difficult to do when you feel so frustrated with an annoying class and the 1000 assignments and tests, but I will advise you the following:

  • Dream big- if you don’t know what you want to do in life dream even bigger' have many options, and believe you are working hard to get one of those dreams come true.
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  • Understand what this class will teach you- look at mathematics and see the way it will help you look at many problems in life from a different angle, look at literature and how it allows you to visit a different world.
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  • Just find something that talks to you even if you won't believe it completely' it will change the way you think and a positive mind will allow your brain to understand the material better
  • Find interest in subjects that connect in a way to this class
  • Think about the benefits of getting the highest grade- your happiness, self-accomplishment, your diploma, universities.
  • Believe that every accomplishment counts and will reward you in the future.
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2. be organized

I don’t mean to keep your room clean all the time and having the prettiest handwriting. Unless you can't focus otherwise!
I am actually one of those that have a hard time to keep her room tidy, I mess it again the day after. I don’t say that you shouldn’t clean weekly, it will help you feel better to work in a clean space, but that is not really what will help your grades.
An organized mind helps you understand the material better.
How I did it:

  • write all the important things your teacher says don’t wait until she will write it or will dictate, you will save time and understand it better if she repeats it, and won't miss anything. Only listening will make your brain to forget it on the next morning. if you don’t understand something – don’t wait too long to ask/ search or you will have huge gaps that will make it harder for you
  • write the material on my computer- notebooks have always got me to draw while studying and then my notebooks were messy. Writing it on my computer made it easier to focus, summarise before tests and printing it a couple of times if it got ruined. if you don’t have a laptop don’t worry you can write the material in the "whatsup" and later copy it to a file and save it. (better in google drive) I don’t mean in math or physics, it is easier to write in notebooks.
  • Make a weekly schedule – and don’t forget to save at least half a day a week for yourself. And to save time for many brakes during the day. And an important one, get exercise at least twice a week.
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It will allow you to:
*see the bigger picture
*not to put off assignments for the last day.
*you won't feel chocked with homework as you know that you will do something fun one-afternoon
*Having time to exercise- to relieve stress and feel good about yourself
*to feel last stressed about your time.

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  • Before tests print or summerise all the material, make a special folder, put there all your tests, notes and made up questions, and start to study.

3. paying attention

a. in class

  • Sit in the first row! This is the best tip. Try it and see how you start to focus
  • Your phone- having trouble controlling yourself, put it on the teacher's desk, it is for your own good!
  • You are chatty?- don’t sit next to your friend, find someone that is quiet and keep in your mind that talking to them will make them miss something and fail.
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b. While studying

If you find your phone a distraction, change your phones apps. It might seem insane but listen for a second: delete Instagram/ facebook from your phone!
Maybe for a month until you pass the important test and then you will be back catching every detail of what you missed, nothing will happen!!!

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4. Learning tips

  • teach/explain to another person what you've learned- it will help you find questions that you didn’t think about before, answer them and to understand the material better, or even understand that you need to study more.

and don't be afraid to ask for help! We are human we are not perfect, you might need more time to understand something, so what??? Knowing your weakness makes you stronger. you don’t understand something – raise your hand and ask, no question is a bad one. If the teacher isn’t helping- ask a friend or as many people until you get it. Didn’t work? look on the internet, still having trouble? look for someone out of school that might have the answer. But never give up!

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5. don't stress and panic.

It is the easiest to stress out and believe me I am one of those that stress and panic a lot. But it is not helpful in any way and I have many tips to how to deal with that(I will write it in the next one if anyone will ask- I always answer so sent me a message)
If you feel panicked chill for a moment, think about good things or maybe go work out and then continue studying.

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6. don’t give up! Study as you planned

everyone has hard times. But the more you study the easier it will get. Not because it is easier! But because you got better.

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I hope this was helpful. :)
If I will see that you liked it or if you will write to me and ask for more advice on any topic I will happily write another one.

And good luck every one- believe I yourselves!