sometimes it creeps up slowly but you feel it coming in slow but fastening paces itching and scratching its was up your spine.
But you don't know why i was laughing till my sides were about to split a second a go but know i can feel the waves coming slowly but surely why, why, why..
But its like around me everyone is still fine its like they cant feel the same darkness that is around me and it stresses me out because why can't the see it why cant they see me!
Its like its everywhere suffocating me all around trapping me in a bubble but everyone else is unaffected.
and i'm screaming so so loudly but no one sees i guess no one cares enough.
That's not fair i cant say that maybe if i just opened my mouth for once but if i do i will be letting the water in and i will surely drown under the darkness.
Where has it gone all the air and oxygen why can't i breath i just need to breath let me go please let me go.
Then ans quick as it comes it quickly leaves but never leaving its mark it fills me with so much darkness that when it finally leaves it leaves me empty and fending for my self...