Hey there!
First of all we're really glad that you found our first article and seem to think it's worth to spend like two minutes of your precious time reading it. We would love to introduce ourselves before getting into our story and our daily life shit.
We wanted to be creative somehow and that's why Angie's gonna talk about Laura and Laura's gonna talk about Angie. Have fun.
Angie's 17 years old and lives in Vienna, Austria. She loves to go to the gym and is also this basic social media person. She's into Shawn Mendes' music and I personally think that she crushes on him. She's also into shows like Riverdale, Glee or Scrubs and adores to take photos with her overprised camera. Angie is someone I can always talk to, because she is the kindest, most trustworty, loyal and honest person I know. A funny thing you should know about my bestie is that she taught me the word "Paradeiser" which is Viennese for tomato and I think that sounds like a disease.

Laura is 16 years old but she will turn 17 on the 6th of december . She's living in Cologne, which is 932km away from my home. She really likes make-up and writing. Laura can be painfully honest sometimes but I appriciate it. She says her opinion right away. At first this seems somehow harsh but it can be very helpful in some situations. And at the end here is a funny fact about her: She owns make-up in a value of about 800€. This may seem like she's an addict but...well she kinda is.
If you find any mistakes in grammar or spelling, we kindly ask you to keep them to yourself. In the following weeks we will post articles about how we met, what's going on in our lifes and our opinions to all kinds of topics.
See you next Friday,
xoxo Angie & Laura.