Hey guys, this is an article I write based on my experience. Not all boys are like this, but If you get the signs like this you should be aware.

1. They text you first , asking random stuff and you just like "okay ,chill dude."

2. They keep testing you, teasing you at school and trying to make you laugh

3. They complimenting you. Like legit even if you just did something stupid.

4. They give you hints like they like how you laugh , flirting with you like crazy , giving you attention , treat you like a queen and etc

5. You start feeling you kinda attracted to him

6. They asked you for a date but never actually do it because of schedule or school work

7. YOU AND HIM almost take the relationship to the next level

8. You waited for a long time , but he never ask you if you like him or not

9. Suddenly , he shows that he lost interest in you, took him a long time to text you back , never pick a topic convo

10. You see him flirting with other girls

11. You heart broken , and feel "what the fuck was it all about?"

12. You start to ask him what's wrong but he always change the topic and said "it's all alright for me tho"

13. You can't handle this bullshit, you cry , you mad for yourself because you realized he was a jerk

14. You start to feel the "hate" with his new chick

15. You blame it all on her and yourself

Do you really need him? HE IS A JERK ! YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN HIM. Don't let a lamb ass dude broke your heart and affect your score, your friendship in school. You don't need him , and even if it's promposal season (at least for me), who the fuck cares about it? You know what? You gonna be alright and you is all what you got in the end. So forget about him and move on with your life.

this article is also written for myself , because i've been dealing this problems recently and i'm trying to forget him, we all can do it girls!