1.) Wake up early.

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Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day, if your body needs more sleep then try to get as much rest as you can to not feel like you are not having enough energy for the upcoming day.
But I would still suggest you staying up early even on the holidays so you can try to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule you can also keep up during school or work times.
Another plus point from waking up early is that you have more hours of the day to do productive things like getting your workout in, maybe planning your meals of the day and other activities you may want to accomplish that or the next day.

2.) Try to use a bullet journal.

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I will actually start with this in April. Fresh into a new month.
So basically what a bullet journal helps you with is keeping your day more organized. Plus it’s more fun to use than a regular calendar because you can make your own symbols for completed tasks, parties or whatever you want to organize.
It also helps you organize your school work or activities. You can get really creative and that’s what I love about the idea of a bullet journal. You can design it however you want and get creative!

3.) Work on your personal view of life.

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Do you catch yourself feeling not happy about the way you react sometimes? You’re moody and bitchy towards people you actually want to be kind and caring to?
Try to work on the way you see and feel the things around you.
Try to act more kind towards everyone even if they do not treat you the same way.
It will actually work with making yourself happier in general because you’re not wasting your energy on bad vibes.
Work on your personality, when there are certain things bothering you.
Always remember to be kind, caring and helpful towards people.

4.) show gratitude.

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Be. Grateful.
It’s actually not so hard. You’ve probably heard of this theory that if you remind yourself every morning of at least three things you’re grateful for that you’re actually becoming a happier person?
Well I heard from many that it works and even doing it ones made me feel happier instantly.
If you remind yourself of what kind of a lucky unicorn you are, you will feel better in just a second.

5.) keep yourself busy.

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As you know, sometimes we tend to overthink, overreact, be moody when we’re bored and have nothing to do.
Our mind drifts of into the deepest of unnecessary thoughts.
If you try to plan your day and keep yourself busy, also tracking your food on your fitness journey can be a better experience because you don’t focus on when to eat next that much no more.
Try to keep yourself as busy as you can with as many different tasks as you can.
Boredom is such a mood killer and is making you unnecessarily tired as well.

6.) review/repeat school stuff/ work stuff

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Well that one is something you may or may not want to deal with but is actually a really good thing to consider doing during holidays or a few weeks of off work.
You can use some of your time to actually revise some topics in school you find hard to understand or deal with some stuff you had to do for work you tried to avoid for so long.
It will help you to come back to school prepared and makes your brain remember the information better, if you also revise previous studies topics a few more times doing holiday seasons.
If you struggle with studying or if you’re afraid of studying because you’re afraid of failure or even if studying just bores you out, you can try to use holidays as well to find the best study method for you. If it’s studying in a group, alone while bumping your favorite songs or just you reading the information out to a person as if you’d prepare for a presentation, you have the time to find the study method that actually brings you joy to study whatever topic is coming.

7.) go out.

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It’s adventure time! You should go out and have some fun. If it’s going out to a party or meeting a friend at his or her place. Just take your time to go out and meet people. The best thing to do is maybe to put your phone away for a few hours going outside just appreciate nature.
You don’t have to capture everything you do all the time. Take time to listen to your friends, joke with your friends and show them some lovin.
Life’s not all about social media.

8.) quality time.

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No social media for a while brings me right to the next topic.
Spend some time with family, friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend apart from always being on the phone.
Appreciate the company of other people.

9.) read books.

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Read a book outside, in your room, in the car. Wherever. Reading can help you keep your mind off of things and vanish into a story for a few hours.

10.) exercise.

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Even if you’re not really into sports. Exercise! It’s good for your body and your soul.
I’d recommend apps, YouTube videos, or a gym coach if you want.
You can even just work out for 7 minutes a day using the 7 minutes workout app, or look up a simple abs workout on YouTube to tone your body up!
You don’t need to go to the gym like crazy. You can also just take long walks, do home workouts or whatever pleases you.
Just keep that body moving, it will sweat away the stress of the day!

11.) go shopping.

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I don’t necessarily mean online shopping. Or going anywhere fancy to buy things. Grab a friend or a loved one and go search up the stores! It’s a chance for you to get out of the house and get yourself a new look for your new self!

12.) positive reminders.

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So last thing for now, set positive reminders.
Your faith and knowing that someone is there to protect you is really helpful in certain situations.
If you believe in god or Buddha or whatever you believe in, pray, meditate or talk to them. Remind yourself to do this every night before bed. It will give you a relieved feeling.
Also remind yourself of what of a worthy person you are. You are more than you believe. Confidence is beautiful, being kind is beautiful, showing love and respect is beautiful.
Keep that in mind. All the time. Always remind yourself of what you love the most and the positive sides about life.
Some tips I have are that you can set reminders on your phone with positive quotes or use the holy bible app for daily bible quotes.
It really helps you getting in a better mood instantly!

I hope my holiday challenge or my holiday to-do list helps you, to start working on what is most important: you and as well not always only focusing on yourself. Other people around you maybe need help, or a person to talk to, or are getting older just like our grandparents and parents who did everything for us to grow up. We can give back and we should give back to the people we love. It’s not always about us. Life is also about the people around us.

Be open to new things, accept criticism, live in the moment. Appreciate life.
Lastly I want to say that spare time should of course also be used for just relaxing and doing something you love while watching your favorite series on netflix.

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