Just a little article about what I like in everyday's life and my personnality ^^
Hope you'll enjoy it !

Tea or coffee ?

pink, aesthetic, and arizona image Image by Julianne Dias
(iced) Tea

Summer or winter ?

80s, germany, and hills image beautiful, explore, and mountain image

Spring or autumn ?

aesthetic, autumn, and fall image leaves, sun, and autumn image

Sunset or sunrise ?

city, lights, and los angeles image beach, Best, and best friends image

Cats or dogs ?

Temporarily removed dog, cute, and puppy image
Dogs (even if I really love cats too !)

Burger or pizza ?

bacon, carne, and cheese image pizza and 😍 image

Night or day ?

evening, lanterns, and light image sky, indie, and nature image
Neither, I prefer evening :)

Movies or books ?

couple, grunge, and car image popcorn and netflix image
It depends, but i'm watching movies more that i'm reading.

Movies or series ?

60s, beauty, and cinema image films, quotes, and cinema image
It depends too. I watch many animes but only 2 TV show... but I still prefer movies.

Sun or rain ?

cloudy, pink, and wallpaper image cielo, clouds, and cloudy image
Cloudy :B

Roses or sunflowers ?

Temporarily removed sunflower, flowers, and yellow image

Boots or sandals ?

black, grunge, and shoes image adorable, boots, and flowers image

Heels or sneakers ?

Temporarily removed Abusive image

Black and white or colors ?

rainbow, grunge, and light image fun, festival, and colour image

Skirt or pants ?

jeans, fashion, and blue image Temporarily removed

Urban or rural ?

aesthetic, beautiful, and countryside image house, nature, and landscape image
Rural (but not too far from a city!)

Tan or pale ?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I tan very fast thanks to my origins (and I don't even have to stay under the sun for that) !

Leather or denim ?

grunge, aesthetic, and jacket image fashion, jeans, and clothes image

Tattoos or piercing ?

Image removed tattoo, wolf, and art image
Tattos, even if I don't have any

Guitar or bass ?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, authentic, and beauty image

Introvert or extrovert ?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, introvert, and music image
Totally introvert (INFJ type)

Curly or straight hair ?

fashion, hair, and hairstyle image hairstyle image
None, I have natural wavy hair !

Pop or rock ?

1970s, 70s, and band image Image removed
Rock (and metal) !

Vanilla or chocolate ?

food, milk, and brownie image Temporarily removed
Chocolate ♥

Fruits or vegetables ?

drink, food, and goal image Image by Skytsok

Bath or shower ?

pink, shower, and bathroom image Image by сьювин
Shower, so i can use the shower head as a mic.

House or flat ?

ambiance, architecture, and bois image house, home, and decoration image

Fantasy or sci-fi ?

Back to the Future image Sam and the lord of the rings image
Both ♥♥

That's all for the moment, maybe i'll do another challenge later. Thank you for reading !