Dear you, I just want to share this feeling for you. I don't know if you don't care,I don't even know who you are but I just need friends to face this messed up life. I don't know if it's only me that feel this way , or maybe some of you feel the same way as I do. There's always a lot of people that hate me no matter what the fu*k I do , I try to be really nice and actually I am tho but people just ignore me as I have never live in this world. Sometimes, I imagine if I die , who's gonna attend my funeral. Is it my family? Is any of friends will be there? Or are the even gonna care for you?

Recently I've been dealing with a lot of rejection. I've got into a fight with my cousins. Some of my best friend's friends also a toxic friends but idk how to,you know , avoid them as they are my bestie's friends. My crush or this asshole that told he loved me or gave me lot of hints that he liked me , now puff , "gone" and start texting with a new girl.

Please , I just want to know what's wrong with me. Why my life never be like others. Never feel being loved except my nuclear family. Never loved myself because all this insecurities .

I know this article is like shit but that's exactly how i feel. I need freedom from this feelings that I've been trapped in this past months. I need my old life back. I need motivation to move on.

"I just want to feel not rejected , not ignored , but loved , even if you just faking it through , it's better than nothing." -