Hello everyone! Thanks for clicking! Today I'm going to explain you something about positivity and how to start seeing things lightly and brighter!
This is the third part of my new article series ''Love Myself''.

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Sometimes it seems easier to love the others around you, but not show enough love to your own self. And that's really not ok.
Love should start from your inside and slowly expand towards the outside and towards others. It is a very difficult thing to do - accepting yourself, acknowledging your flaws and your qualities in this society which judges each and every move. And when they tell you to love yourself, they mean you should just lose some weight and straighten your hair to actually love yourself - which is more than stupid.

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However, the day you stop paying the attention to everyone else is the moment when you're starting this journey. I've started mine last summer when I got rid of toxic relationships and planned on building an inner strength and be kind to everyone, but never let anyone take me for granted or use me. Those days I had realized that loving myself is more important than anything else. Because when you love yourself, you instantly become more attractive, healthier and happier!

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How to love yourself?
Well, the question itself is difficult. But you simply have to start examining yourself - not your outside, but your inside. Your personality, your flaws, your qualities, your hobbies, likes & dislikes - all these define you as a person and makes you, you. Because everyone on this planet has something distinctive. Everyone.

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Seeing yourself as beautiful is everything that leads to you being imperfectly perfect. And that's my point in this article.

Everything you do is beautiful. Your body is beautiful and you don't have to change it unless you feel like you want to gain muscles (because it never has to be about weight, that's just a pointless number). Your face is beautiful because it's unique and no one has the same one. Your eyes are gorgeous because they're yours and. damn, stop hiding those lovely lips and cheeks - they make you so much sweeter.

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Loving oneself is a journey that never ends. Every year we gain more power, more experience, more knowledge that we get to use in our decision, actions and on ourselves. Every year, we get to realize that we're beautiful just the way we are and that beautiful is not about the outside - it's about what makes your soul sparkle, what makes your eyes shine brighter, your lips smile wider and all those little moments that make us human.

Love yourself! Love myself! Peace!
(Min Yoongi)

Thank you so much for reading!