they don't teach you how to love yourself

Lovely hearters, you're all welcome to a new series in my articles, I really hope you'll find them useful!

This is my first "how-to" article and today I want to share with you some tips on learning how to love yourself.

We've all seen a bunch of advices on this topic on the Internet many times. And most often, they all say "pamper yourself", "tell yourself you're beautiful", and etc.

Yes, they do work, but it wasn't enough for me.

I still hated some of my habits, qualities, or something about my looks.

Why did I use the word "art" in my title? Simply because loving yourself is art: it takes more than just to follow steps, it requires a lot of hard work, overcoming yourself & expressing yourself. The more you practice it, the better.

To love is to destroy
— Shadowhunters
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So advice №1:

Yeah, you heard me pretty right.

Destroy what destroys you. I'm not saying detroy yourself to the roots, to the very core. No. Don't.

What I'm saying is get rid of everything you don't like about yourself at the moment, especially if this has been happening for months. Destroy that "sleep late, get up late" habit, destroy relationships with toxic people, detroy your self-loathe.To start with an easier way, you can go by little steps: start involving less in the conversations that you feel bad about yourself after, try to finish all of your on-phone work earlier so you don't have to fall asleep with it in your hands, and so on.


Now that we've done the hardest work, it's time to engage in joyful things.
Think of yourself as of a brand-new apartment or house that you have to get ready. Have a picture in your mind on what you want to be, to look like. Now work on it.
Find what touches your soul, find what inspires you. Find your ikigai. Set goals. Create your new circle of friends.
Create a collection with motvational quotes or your bucket list, t can be anything that inspires you to get better.
Here are mine:

shameless self-protmotion ;)


Take a look in the mirror. Take two, take three. There is something about you that makes you beautiful by all means. Maybe it's your eyes that shed a light. Your profile that looks like it's been made by sculptor. Or heart-shaped form of your lips. Or you're one of those sun-kissed girls. Maybe you've got them dang long legs. Anything. There is indeed something about you that makes you special. So embrace it. Love it, it's part of you, its all yours and it's only yours.


This sounds like step number two but it's different. Here we'll work on character and qualities.

Understand what are these qualities that inspire you in people. Acquaint yourself with what it is that makes you want to improve yourself. What are those things that you want to have yourself.

You can find yourself a role model that you'll look up to. But remember nobody's perfect.


Don't be too hard on yourself. You don't have to be perfect. It's all about loving you, not getting you under your own pressure.

There will be days when you won't even want to get out of your bed. It's totally okay. Remember that you are worthy of everything you put your mind to. Take a day off. Spend it watching netflix and pampering yourself. Eat that busket of sweets. Disconnect from everyone. You don't owe anyone anything. Well, except for your family. Go on a hike. Learn to accept yourself. Realize there's literally no one like you. You are a unique gem in this world. Understand your worth. Understand your brand new self.

This is a gentle reminder to myself, too.
Hope you liked it!
See you next time, xoxo