Hello, beautiful people! Today i want to talk about what of a bad bitch mental illness is and always has been.

And while most people who don't have it, think others who have it just sort of make it up from somewhere, or are just born "psychos", mental illness isn't a thing you add to your wish list and get wrapped up in glossy paper with a bow on top.

Mental illnesses includes: depression, anxiety, emotional instability, OCD, bipolar disorder, etc., and is an actual thing which we don't really expect as one of our Christmas presents.

It can mess up pretty bad your normal life on a daily basis (as an example - people with social anxiety can't really talk in front of the class as calmly as people without this mental illness would do. So they truly fear showing their presentation or giving a speach).

It can make their life seem so bad that they could start wondering if the tortment will stop if they stop their own heartbeat (as an example - people with depression usually feel so sad and with over time they seem to lose hope they'll ever feel happy again, so they start thinking about ways to harm themselves to just feel something). Because what is life without happiness?

So now, whoever is reading this, please, if you have a mental illness or you know someone who has it, please take care of yourself/them. Even the slightest effort can make them smile and push the thought of a suicide away. You're not alone, remember this. Please, whoever is this, stay alive. Stay alive because you're stronger than your mental illness.

Thank you for reading! Stay strong, Xx.