I've had acne ruin my life for yeaaaars, so here are a few tips on how I got them to reduce. Please remember, that nothing works overnight, and it takes weeks or months of dedicating yourself to skincare, to get your remedies to work.

1) A Good Skincare Routine
This is the first step to fighting acne. Don't change your face products regularly; stick to the ones that your face is comfortable with and used to, unless they aren't working out for you, of course.
If you're testing a new product, use the product for at least a week before forming an opinion on it.

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I've have a whole article on my skincare routine. Here's the link : #https://weheartit.com/articles/309533696-my-skincare-routine

2) Drying Off Your Pimples
Okay, here's a really good hack that has saved my life a whole lot of times. This is the ONLY remedy I know of that may just work overnight.
I cannot stand not bursting my pimples, and I know how bad that is for my skin, but I've always had an obsessive need to flatten the pimple by squeezing it; but the next day the pimple spot would have a huge blood clot on it, which looks a whole lot worse than the pimple in the first place.
If you put yourself in the same position often, this is the perfect remedy for you.
For 12 hours, keep alternately applying aloe vera gel, and toothpaste on your blood clot. When the aloe dries up, peel it off and replace it with the toothpaste, and when the toothpaste dries up, peel it off and replace it with the aloe vera. This will dry up your blood clot, and will peel the clot right off your skin in 12 hours.

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3) Face Masks
Okay, being very honest, the whole 'put lemon and honey on your face before sleeping, and your acne will disappear in the morning' thing is a huge lie. Plus, covering your face with fruits and healthy eatables is never going to benefit you more than actually EATING these healthy products, but this still works at times, so you may just get lucky.
Tbh, other than charcoal peel off face masks, no externally bought face mask has genuinely benefitted my skin, so I trust my diy face masks way more than the ones I have to pay for.
My favourite mask recipe is a mixture of lemon juice, white sugar crystals, coffee powder and honey. I use it as an exfoliator and keep it on for at least half an hour before washing. I make this every second week. It doesn't make my acne disappear or anything, but it keeps my face fresh and healthy.

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I know you know that sleeping for 6-8 hours every night is ideal, and that it helps your skin and body blossom, but did you know that changing the time you sleep confuses your mind and body? This is why it's important to not just sleep for 6-8 hours, but to sleep for this amount of time, preferably at the same time every night. To make sure you commit to this, make yourself a sleep schedule, it helps a lot!

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5) Hygiene
Basic things like washing your hands and face every few hours, and getting your pillow case washed regularly is a must. It is also important to wash your hair every 2-3 days to make sure that the grease in your hair doesn't attract bacteria that affects your skin. Also clean your phone screen every few days.

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6) Don't Use The Same Products For A Long Stretch
By this, I don't mean that you should change the company of the product, or the product that you use every few months, but you must discard old face products and replace them with newly bought ones regularly. Don't use the same makeup and makeup brushes for more than 2 years, and don't use the same soap or shampoo for more than a year. Avoid buying products that come in huge portions. This is like eating rotten or expired food!

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7) Stay Healthy
Lol this is the toughest one to keep up with, but it provides you with the best results. Avoid oily and greasy food, and keep your dairy intake at a minimum if your acne is exploding. Exercise regularly, by going to the gym, taking a jog, swimming or anything else, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, STAY HYDRATED!!

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8) Moisturise!
Most people I know of, use oil free face washes. This rinses off all the excess oil on your face, and hence if you don't moisturise your face regularly, your face produces excess oil in order to naturally moisturise your skin. Don't let this happen! If you think that moisturisers make your skin too greasy, use gel or oil free moisturisers or wash your face very few hours, but don't give this step up, it's essential!

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I've had acne for years, and there is nothing that has bothered me more. It's made me feel insecure and ugly, and I've spent years hiding it under makeup and using every acne reduction product around. It wasn't until later that I realised that no one is going to judge you based on what your skin looks like. I know what I'm saying is ironic, considering the fact that this is an article on acne reduction, but what I'm trying to say is that if you can get rid of your acne, that's great and I'm really happy for you, but if you don't, that's okay too. No matter what you do, we all get pimples once in a while (other than those solid bitches that complain about their skin being unclear when in it is actually spotless) and we mustn't be afraid to show them. You're beautiful, just the way you are, and a bunch of spots on your face should never make you feel lesser or inferior to the hero that lives within you. Embrace yourself.

xx Mia