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Choi Yoojung November 12, 1999 Groups: Weki Meki and I.O.I

Yoojung is in Weki Meki and was a part of I.O.I. She is Weki Meki’s main dancer and was I.O.I’s lead dancer. She was the first one to catch my eye in dream girls and boy is she funny and loud. She’s also a great dancer. She especially had me shook when she was in Chungha dance in Hit the Stage. I didn't know she was in the dance beforehand, I’ve seen her in the audience during other dances. Honestly hope shes apart of Hit the Stage Season 2 if that does get picked up. She is really energetic and smooth. And HER FACIALS omg.

Hit The Stage
Halfway in she shows up

Where They From
This is such great choreo in general. The girls all did amazingly.

This is Sori Na’s choreography from 1 Million dance

Whatta Man

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