HII welcome at my 11th article. This time I’ll tell you what’s on my bucketlist. I’ve already made 1 bucketlist article but I enjoyed making it so much that I wanted to make a part 2! I hope you’ll like this article & have fun reading.

C.. ❥
C.. ❥

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Let’s get started!

1. Learn how to surf

It seems so amazing to be able to surf! I would love to learn how to surf because it seems so fun to do.
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2. Go to Hawaii

I want to go to hawaii for years. It just so beautiful!
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3. Meet Camila Cabello

I don't listen to her for a long time but her voice is amazing & i would love to meet her. She is amazing and her voice is so different from other singers.
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4. Visit Bora Bora

This is one of the most beautiful islands to my opion& the sea is so pretty there!
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5. Own a coco chanel parfume

I just love how the parfumes looks, to be honest I don't love all the parfumes of Chanel but I really love Chanel mademoiselle it smells so good!
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6. Go skiing in Austria

I used to go skiing every year when i was little but now be don't go skiing anymore and I would love to go skiing again. I would love to go skiing in Austria because I've never been in Austria and I normally don't go skiing in Austria.
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7. Go parasailing

I've never done it and it seems so fun to go parasailing!
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8. Cliff diving

Every year when I'm on vacation I see many people do it but I've never done it..
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9. Fly in a helicopter

Flying in a helicopter and see the a city / parc from a height seems amazing and beautiful.
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10. Go diving

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11. Visit Canada

I think Canada is a beautiful country and I would love to go there once. I would love to visit Ottowa.
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12. Go to London

London is an amazing city and you it’s a great city to go shopping.
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13. Attend at a festival

I’ve never been at a festival and it seems so fun to go to a festival. I also would love to go to Coachella once.
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14. Go on vacation with my bestfriends

I’ve never been on vacation with my bestfriends but I would love to make a world trip / roadtrip in a country with them.
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15. Go to New York

New York is a amazing city and I also would love to see the statue of Liberty.
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16. Own an great camera

I love making photos but I don’t own a great camera to make great pictures.
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17. Own a lot of luxury make-up

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18. Visit countries in the South of America

South America has so much beautiful countries like Argentina & Brazil. I would love to make a roadtrip in South America.
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19. Go to Disneyland

I have been to Disneyland Paris but I would love to go to Disneyland Florida.
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20. Visit the Universal studios

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21. Have my own company

I would love to have my own company idk if I want my own clothing store or something else nut I would defentily love to have my own company.
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22. Visit Africa

I would love to visit Cape town or Egypt.
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23. eat italian pizza in Italy

Pizza is my favorite food and I wonder How Good the pizza tastes in Italy
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24. go on a cruise

Going on a cruise is just amazing to do once. I would love to visit the bahamas and othe islands.
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25. visit the Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are so beautiful!
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Love, C

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xoxo myvoguedreams