After my day at my internship I went shopping with my mum and for lunch we decided to go to Café Pino in Cora shopping in Rocour. They are always friendly and polite to their clients, so I can’t comment bad on that.

However the food has a different story. I decided to get a pasta (of course), gratin du café Pino. It was definitely a piNO. It should have been a nice gratin pasta with a cream sauce with ham, tomatoes, peas, mushrooms and an egg. What I got was gratin pasta with water, ham, the taste of frozen peas and mushrooms, tomatoes and one egg that turned into half an egg because it was cooked on the side. It had no flavor to it what so ever and I was disappointed. It looked like everything was just thrown in.

Sorry to say this but the food wasn’t good.

Want to have a drink you should go to Café Pino, just don’t order the gratin!