Ever since I first met you, I couldn't stop looking for you.

In every corner I'd ever walk by, I'd look for you.

For your love.

For your warm embrace.

For your soul.

But I couldn't find it, not even when I had you right in front of me.

I'd look into your eyes and I'd see nothing but mystery, doubts and pain. I wanted to fix you so f*cking bad, so I loved you, and I loved you hard.

I looked for you every night in my bed, I'd call out your name but you would never call mine out.

It was somebody else. The one who broke you.

So I would cry, and cry but never stopped looking for you.

You held me every night, you would ask me why I was crying and I wouldn't budge. If only you knew.

Thats why every time you'd tell me that you loved me I would flinch. Because I knew it wasn't true.

So I took you to every place I could think of, everywhere for you to keep my memory. But my name never escaped your lips.

So I kept looking.

I gave you all my love, I promised you a life together. I gave you my soul. But my name still didn't escape your lips.

So I kept looking.

I bought the best clothes, I would do my makeup and would workout for you. To at least remember my physic. But still....my name wasn't leaving your lips.

So I kept looking.

I tried to always make you laugh, spend my time on you. Give you my life. And still...nothing.

So I stopped, not because I gave up, but because it was stupid. You want her, you clearly don't belong to me but I clearly belong to you.

I let you go, and you ran to her arms. Just for her to break you even more. But does it matter? You never left her and now my heart breaks for you...

And every now in then I call out your name in the dark, looking for you but never finding you.

So all I do is break, and thats all I'll ever do.