As spring break rolled in, I knew I had to create a new playlist, so here I am going to share it with y'all. Btw this is probably music you have not heard because it consists of songs mainly from SoundCloud(but some may be found on Spotify).

  • 1. Can't Lie by Ali Gatie
  • 2. One Night by Emilio Ruffin
  • 3. Trying by NO1|NOAH
  • 4. Strip by SoCali
  • 4. Neither Do I by stwo ft. Jeremih
  • 5. Poison by Kenny Araujo
  • 6. Problems by Room 029
  • 7. Slower by Thorgan
  • 8. You and Me by Oxford
  • 9. If This Is Love by Xavier Omar
  • 10. Die Alone by Champagne

*this isn't the full playlist it is just about half*

*I use Soundcloud because I like hearing new underrated artists and share them to others because they definitely need recognition/support they could get*

(I'm always adding more music or making more playlists so make sure to follow me on Soundcloud)
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