Dear...ugh i can't believe i'm doing this girly thing. This is not a diary. I repeat, this is not a diary. A man does not write diary but then again, a man should have just confess directly to the woman he loves. But here i am, writing in this shitty book about my feelings.

That girl really did mess up my mind. Anyway, this is my story, my confession. Well, here goes nothing.

Once upon a time....just kidding. Well then..let's start with the day i first met her. It was when she transferred into my school. Yep, she was a new student. She was in my class by the way. When she first entered, i didn't even looked up. I was busy playing on my phone. Damn, i wasn't even paying attention to our teacher in front.

Then, i heard she spoke.

"Hello, my name is Sienna McLane" she said.

She stuttered at first. Her voice was small and yet, there was something that made me look up. So i did. And there she was. Looking down, as if the ground was more interesting than any of us.

I can guess she was a shy and quiet girl. Usually i don't bother with people like that but this new girl has my full attention.

Then, she looked up and noticed i was staring. Our gaze connected for a while. My breath stuck in my throat as i gulped. She was beautiful. Not the confident gorgeous or hot type. She was just beautiful. The innocent sweet kind of girl.

But then, she quickly bowed down, breaking our eye contact. Letting the curtain of her long hair covered almost half of her face. But I noticed the blush on her cheeks. I laughed softly. Not to talk highly of myself but yeah, i have that effect on girls.

Our homeroom teacher was looking around to find an empty seat for her. I quickly took that as my chance. I told the guy sitting next to me nicely to go sit somewhere else. He quickly scurried away. Yeah, no one mess with me. I basically rule the school.

My homeroom teacher saw the empty seat next to me, and asked the new girl to sit there. I couldn't help the smile forming on my lips as i watched the new girl walked towards me. She sat down quietly and the teacher continued with the lesson, not that i was paying attention anyway.

I couldn't help but stare at Sienna. Yep, i wrote her name. Not like anyone will ever read this anyway. I probably burn it later. So as i was saying, oops, as i was writing, Sienna looked at me but then bowed down again. She told me to stop staring at her and payed attention to the lesson.

I just chuckled back and told her that i was paying attention, not to the lesson but to her. And that ladies and gentlemen, own a blush from this new girl. I then held out my hand and introduced myself. She took my hand but then, quickly pulled back. Her eyes were wide open as she quickly looked away.

Did she felt that too? Just now, when our hands touch, something ran up my arm. Its electrifying. Weird much. But it was nice. I suddenly felt warm in my chest and what the hell with the fluttering in my stomach? I was still confused back then. But i shook away the thought and looked back at Sienna. She squirmed uncomfortably under my gaze.

I mentally laughed and turn to the teacher in front. I don't want to make her uncomfortable on the first day.

I didn't see her much throughout the day. I try looking for her but these dumb friends of mine keep dragging me away.

The only time i had with her when we have the same classes. I would usually sat next to her and start small conversation. She usually replied with simple answer. I don't mind really as long as i got to hear her melodious voice.

But whats bothering me was that she keep letting her hair covered half of her face. So, i took out a hair clip from my jacket's pocket. Ahh yes, you probably wondering what the hell is a hot guy such as myself bringing hair clip with him, well easy. I have a little sister who loves to put almost all her toys (hair clips, hairband, bracelets, you name it) inside my backpack and sometimes inside my varsity's pockets. Now, i was quite thankful for that.

So i placed the strawberry hair-clip on her hair, gathering her long bang to the side. She was shocked at first but then even more shocked as she asked me, "Are you gay?"

I laughed. I mean it. She was one funny girl. She looked so shocked and serious. Thank god, the teacher hasn't arrived yet. I just ignored to weird and amused faces of other students inside the classroom. I told her about my sister and she giggled back but only for a few seconds before she went back to the shy girl. But her giggles, what a beautiful sound it was.

It was lunch time when i noticed Sienna sitting alone under the large oak tree at the courtyard. It was pretty secluded but then again, all the students were at the cafeteria or probably hanging out at the field. I decided to make my grand entrance.

She was surprised when i sat next to her. I smiled and to my surprise she smile back. I was speechless. She was even more beautiful. Why does she all alone here? Why cover her beautiful face and hide away her smile?

"You look like a gaping fish with your mouth hanging open like that" she laughed. "You look like an idiot if i may add"

God, her laugh. It was music to my ears. Yes, i know i've said it before and i know i'm turning into a hopeless romantic but hey, i couldn't help myself.

Then i realize what she has just said. I probably did look like an idiot right now and its all because of this girl in front of me. It hasn't been a day, but i felt i've known her for a long time and that was the longest sentence she ever said to me throughout the day.

We talked a few more and it turn out she was a cheerful girl. You just need to try a little harder and you'll be able to break through her wall.

The way her eyes gleam when she flashed her kind sweet smile. The way she laughed give off a warm feeling inside or when she stared up to the sky with a calm expression, i couldn't take my eyes of her.

I let out a long breath. I was already falling. Fuck, I was falling hard.

I hate to admit this. I'm not the type of guy who do relationship or the type to easily have serious feeling with some girl. But this time, i was sure.

I was falling for this girl.

Yes, me, a well-known heartbreaker and player is in love.

The hottest guy ever lived.

Hah, kidding.


soooooo,, how's this? I was writing this in a guy's pov. But it wasn't that good. (Sigh)

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