That day, i realized something and every time i thought about it, i'd be holding back some tears.

I really felt it in my heart.

The pain, the kind of pain i couldn't describe in words.

It's felt like sadness, disappointment.

It felt like i have been slapped on the face.

It's like my heart was being shot.

All in all, it hurts.

I realized i have been missing you and our little sweet memories. When you approached me that day, you teased me the way you used to but you wouldn't look me in the eyes.

And then you take back what you said and look away before i could even spoke a word.

Where is your smile that never fail to melt me? where did that laugh gone? i still remember i once wrote for you, about you.

Every words still ache for you. For years i have not said your name out loud and so i have learned to live without.

But when you were standing before my eyes, you were opening back the old scar.

You broke the glass that hide the longing in my eyes.

I went through all my memories, frantically looking for the first memories of you.

Searching for any details i can no longer recall or maybe forgotten.

But i know it was there, just hidden.

why did i still care?

Why did i still felt something?

Because you were my first love.