For my first article, I am going to give y'all interesting(maybe boring and uninteresting lol) facts about me.

  • I love doing DIY's and I hope to dedicate a youtube channel on tutorials(I started but I'm scared to continue) click the link & subscribe: (new video going up soon)
  • I am currently a college student at CSUB studying Criminal Justice.
  • I love watching shows or movies that have to do with crime, murders, and suspense BUT i absolutely hate horror/paranormal activity movies.
  • I love online shopping especially from Amazon.
  • My playlists/music come from Soundcloud most of the time(There's some great underrated artists on there).
  • I think I'm good at drawing but I'm probably not.
  • I really like sunflowers.
  • In the future I want to get an elephant tattoo because they were my grandma's favorite and she was one of my favorite persons on this planet.
  • I'm hoping to get more ear piercings but at the same time I'm scared.
  • I love R&B, Reggae, and Reggaeton music.
  • Youtube and Netflix are complete baes.
  • I wish I was good at makeup 'cause I look like a naked mole rat.
  • I have two small moles under my left eye that I really like as well as my dimple.
  • Idk what else say so I'm going to just leave it here, told ya it was gonna be boring lolol

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