I can't forget you. It's like your name is tattooed on my heart and i can't get rid of it. I tried to ignore it, tried to cover it with a different name but no matter what i do, you still have control over my heart and thoughts.

Everything goes back to you. It's always you. It's you when i'm alone. It's you no matter what i do or who i'm with. I don't understand. Why is it so hard to forget someone who forgot you first? Someone who let you faded like a Polaroid? And how can i still feel the same way like the first time when i don't really know you anymore? The bitterness of the saying, "people change", it hit me like a brick. I never thought you will be one.

You left me with broken heart but the pieces still exist and they are still tainted with the memories of you. I can't wash it off, neither can i mend this broken pieces.

And so i give up. Because trying to erase you or trying to replace you with anything else, only brings me back to where i thought love is forever and forever is us.