It's finally weekend. Oh how I love weekend. Who doesn't right?

Anyway, it's been three days since I gave you that cupcake.

But whenever I saw you walking down the hallway, I would run away before you could see me. Not that you would remember me anyway. But just in case.

Why did I run? Why am I avoiding you?

Well James, I was embarrassed. I couldn't face you anymore. I mean, what if you think I was weird for giving you cupcake? What if you don't like it? Who am I to even bother doing something like that apart from where I brush your hair from your face? I'm really sorry about that by the way. I didn't mean to. It's like my hand has a mind on its own.

It was hard, you know.Because we go to the same school and we have most classes together.

Although I wanted to avoid you and all, but there was a little part of me that wish you would noticed. Maybe approach me about the cupcake but I guess it didn't mean anything to you.

I'm such a hypocrite. I wanted you to see me, to finally notice me. I don't want to be just some girl you help with the vending machine. I wanted you to remember me even if we only met once. But here I am, avoiding you, too scared to even cross path with you.

I was just making an idiot out of myself. I'm avoiding you like my life is depended on it and yet, you don't even know who I am. It didn't make any difference whether I was avoiding you or not. Because I am a nobody. Just some girl who went to the same school as you. My existence is not significant in your life.

But James, I wanted to think that the universe wanted us together, that you and I have a chance in this lifetime. I wanted to think that someday our path will cross again. Maybe this time just a little longer.

HERE a short poem that I doodle on my poor calculus homework. It's not good but might as well just include this here.

YOU plus ME
What could it be?
I didn't dare to think that we could've been
I guess I knew the solution
But I didn't want to hurt my heart further
by the unverified answer.