because disney can cure my depression

Favorite Disney Characters

disney, hiro, and big hero 6 image frozen, olaf, and snowman image aladdin, disney, and genie image Temporarily removed disney, the little mermaid, and ariel image tangled, disney, and rapunzel image
bay max, olaf, genie, mike wasoski, ariel, rapunzel

Favorite Princesses

ariel, disney, and gif image pascal, princesa, and rapunzel image disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image Temporarily removed
ariel, rapunzel, belle, jasmine

Favorite Princes

Image removed disney, the Princess and the frog, and prince naveen image
flynn, prince naveen

Favorite Heroines

disney, frozen, and anna image disney, oceania, and moana image disney and princess and the frog image gif and Mary Poppins image
anna, moana, tiana, mary poppins,

Favorite heroes

aladdin and disney image disney, pixar, and toy story 3 image disney, gif, and mickey mouse image disney and beauty and the beast image
aladdin, woody, mickey mouse, lumiere

Favorite animals

tangled, pascal, and disney image disney, mulan, and dragon image disney, frozen, and gif image flounder and the little mermaid image
pascal, msushu, sven, flounder

Favorite sidekick

adorable, aladdin, and animation image
magic carpet

Favorite villain

beauty and the beast and gaston image

Favorite original character

black and white, cartoon, and disney image

Favorite songs?

disney, ariel, and gif image disney and mulan image beauty and the beast and disney image disney, pocahontas, and gif image disney, Mary Poppins, and julie andres image Temporarily removed disney, ariel, and quotes image aladdin, disney, and movie image
part of your world, ill make a man out of you, belle, colors of the wind, a spoonful of sugar, be our guest, under the sea, friend like me

Favorite love song?

rapunzel, tangled, and disney image
i see the light

Favorite Villain song?

disney, gaston, and gif image

Favorite kiss?

disney, aladdin, and jasmine image
jasmine and aladdin

Favorite Classic?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Favorite Pixar film?

boo, monster, and gif image
monsters inc.

Favorite sequel?

Temporarily removed
Toy story 2

An Underrated Movie?

Temporarily removed

A movie that makes you laugh?

cartoon, disney, and funny image

Movie that makes you cry?

disney, pixar, and gif image

Favorite scene from favorite movie?

Temporarily removed
kiss the girl

Saddest death?

gif, inside out, and lovely image
bing bong

Favorite quote?

Temporarily removed
“Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ― Walt Disney

Favorite Theme park?

disney, holidays, and orlando image
magic kingdom, walt disney world

Favorite theme park attraction?

ride and space mountain image
space mountain, walt disney world

Theme park show?

magic kingdom, beautiful, and castle image
happily ever after, magic kingdom, walt disney world