Not knowing were to turn to hurts. Living with regret kills me. Not knowing who loves me is even worse. I ask myself daily why aren't I ever good enough for anyone. But the truth is i never found the right people who cared or loved me enough. Realaity is what sucks the most because it makes me not want to believe in fantasies.
I try to convince myself, I know that I'm not perfect. I fell in love & got my heart broken. I forgive but I still hurt. I'm just a human so why do I feel like I dont belong here.
People dont understand the music I listen to but the truth is they dont understand the lyrics. My friends say they're my friends but I heard them talking behind my back. I try not to cry but the pain hurts to much. People say I complain to much I call it expressing. People judge me but yet they only know my name.
I'm living with this life when I feel I should end it. But I know that I would let them win if I did. So I take everyday as a challenge. I'm tired of the liars, fakers, haters & heartbreakers.

(Sign: another broken heart (ABH))