I've been asked a lot about being a Wiccan. There have been many people telling me "Listen to God" or "God has a plan for you" and so on. From my previous article, some of you will know why I switched to Wicca. I just found it interesting and it was very appealing to me. No one forced or convinced me to believe in something new. I made choices on my own.

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Wicca religion acknowledges both genders and the only kind of "sin" is dark magic. We believe the "Rule of Three". If you send out what you want in the world, you will receive it three times more. This is the only rule we really acknowledge. Wicca is peaceful, loving and respectful.

Like I said, Wicca is about embracing individuality. When I used to be a Christian, people taught me to depend on God. However, after my discovery, I learned to love and depend on myself. I have the power of free will, I believe the universe works in mysterious ways and I do not need anyone's approval.

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Blessed Be