When I was younger my parents split up and it was really painful to go through, I thought that if I tried to ignore it, it would all just go away but it just got worse. I always used to think it was my fault for the longest and I used to beat myself up about it. You guys don't have to think you did anything to make this happen you couldn't prevent it either.

Here's a few things to help you through it.

*Tell someone about it, its not going to get better if you hold it in all the time you need someone who will listen and give you advice.
*Listen to music, if you want me to be honest I listened to certain songs for certain situations and certain fights my parents got into, if you want I can make you guys a playlist if this actually gets views.
*This is the last thing, talk to your parents tell them how you feel, they'll probably stop doing it around you if you tell them how you feel

If you guys really liked this and if you have any questions at all feel free to text me or if you just want to talk about any problems you have you can text me, I'll always be here. If I get more followers and if you guys like this I'll post more articles .

--Grace xx