hey guys!! this is my first post on whi. im going to write a few articles on here and hopefully make a few friends on here <3

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so, if u dont know, there are these kids that i love, the dolan twins. actually no, not just love; i want to give them all of my heart save none for myself. i want to hug them for eternity with their big ass muscly arms. they are the softest fucking beans i will ever stan & love. they work so hard to make their fans & supporters happy.

infact, i was once so close to meeting them. Earlier this year, since i live in sydney, australia; they kept the fandom guessing of the place "far, far away" that they were travelling to with their photographer bryant to take photos and escape from the business of la. i dont remember what day it was, but i came home from school, being depressed (nothing new) and i walked into my room and my vibrated faster than my heart when i have a test in class. i was so confused.... until my heart dropped. i got so many messages from my friends in the us saying "MACK!!11! THE TWINS ARE IN UR STATE!!1!!!11 UR GOING TO MEET THEM!11!1" and then, i sobbed my heart away. looking back from now, i can actually laugh thinking that my dream would come true. it was so obvious i was never going to actually meet them. i was the most positive than i ever have & will be in my entire life. long story short... well u guessed it! i never got to see them!1!1! school got in the way, i had so many people to meet up with. so i never will meet them. that was my one & only chance, and i didnt take it. youll find that reputation throughout me ALOT.

anyways, i havent even explained what their names are. ethan and grayson. they sprouted their itty-bitty seed in 2013, on vine. they made comedy skits that went for 6 seconds or less.they gained lots of social media star friends like jake paul (eww), nate garner, alex aionio etc while being bullied and hated on at school, throughout that era, and the starting of their YouTube channel they were in new jersey. then, the twins & their family moved to la, and their videos improved by alot.
in 2016, they went on a world tour. at that time, i didnt know about them. it was called "for only you". on stage they re did some of their video challenges. there also was a vip pass that u could buy to take picture of them & hug them.

so guys.. thats my article and i know its really shit but whatever... and im too lazy to finish it loollll

im probably gonna go edit rn