hiii, this is my first article and I don't really know how it goes, but I wanted to share some of my favourite books I've recently read. I hope you enjoy!

I read a lot of books, of all kinds and many different genres but teen fiction has got to be one of my favourite! these are only some of my favourite books.

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1. Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon

This story is about a girl who has an immune deficiency where she is allergic to the world, along the way she meets a boy and they fall in love, but things happen. (no spoilers in this house). It also has nick Robinson & Amandla Stenberg in it (hehe.)

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everything, everything

2. Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda - Becky Albertalli / Love, Simon

This book is amazing, it Is about a closeted boy who is a junior in high school, who is struggling to come out to the world. In the movie adaption, he is played by Nick Robinson and it is so so beautiful.

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3. The sun is also a star - Nicola Yoon

This book is about a girl who doesn't believe in fate and she isn't the dreamer, who meets a boy who is basically the opposite with the biggest of dreams and so much optimism. They meet in the city of New York, and then seperate only to meet again through what could potentially be fate?

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the sun is also a star

4. All the bright places - Jenifer Niven

This book is a bit sensitive but really is a beautiful story, basically it is about a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die.

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5. Eleanor and park - Rainbow Rowell

This book is beautiful and so ominous at the end, but the story line makes your heart melt, it is about a girl who looks different to everyone else and her stepfather is a pretty big jerk but she meets a boy at school and so forth.

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6. Still here - Rowan Blanchard

From one of my biggest inspirations, this book is like a scrapbook/journal from her filled with artworks and small written pieces from her.

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- 🍵🧡

- Thats all for now, but I hope this badly written article inspires you to read more or in general gives you an insight on the plots of these stories.
I love you all and uh enjoy,

excuse the horrid punctuation i'm so tired and vv lazy to edit <3

love, the curious reader