Good morning honey!
Have coffee.
You're welcome.

Calms these waters
Inside of you
You're in a lot of trouble, are not you?

It can take time
Stay the night here if you need
In the morning I'll go with you to the door.

Sleep in my room.
There's an empty space in the bed.
Each in its clear song

Damn, is this blood?
What do you do with a knife?
You can not hurt me like that again!

Now that you hurt me
Will not even stay
To help with the dressing?

You do not have to be like this.
Can you help me
You have to stay this time (please)

-The door closed, he left again.
I screamed on the floor of my room.
I agreed with a knock on the door.

I will need to be alone
Excuse me
But it seems that I need to calm my waters.
Before you let yourself in