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So money is literally needed for everything so here ya'll go. And remember it's not only about knowing how to make money, it's about knowing how to have it. So don't go wasting all your money in a week.


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Babysitting is great, it makes way more than minimum wage and if you like kids then it'll be fun.

Get A Part Time Job

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Part time jobs are great. Having a part time job can go on your college application and they will view you as responsible. You could get a good nine dollars an hour which is pretty good. You have to be at least 14 though.

Sell Your Things

From what I have found, people normally sell their things faster on Mercari than any other website. It's worth a shot and you can get rid of crap you don't want.

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Get Cash Back

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Use apps like ibotta or retailmenot to get cash back. So basically you can make money off of shopping so it's pretty great. My ibotta refferal code is pnyovms. Pls use it your girl is broke.

Fish For Money

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It's an app called Fish For Money. Basically you "fish" for fish and once you get a certain amount of pounds of fish you will get 15 bucks. It takes a while to get it but it's worth it. Some of my tips are that you should do the thing where you can text your friend a refferal link and get 2,000 pounds for every text you send and send it to everyone in your contacts also share it on twitter for 5,000 pounds.

Browse The Web

You can install apps like Qmee on your browser and it'll pay you to browse the internet. Of course its very slow though, I have made only $5 bucks in about 7 months but it's sort of worth it. You totally forget it's there and then suddenly boom you have 10 bucks.

Work For Postmates

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Ok for this one you have to be 18 or older but it's great. You get paid way more than medium wage and you choose when you work so it's great.


Ok thats all I have for ya'll today. Have a great day babes!