Hey all-

Just to start off I thought I'd let you know I'm gonna be attempting to spend the next 30 days consistently writing on here using a bunch of prompts in a challenge I've found 1) because I like writing and 2) because I feel like I need this at the moment - not that anyone necessarily has to care, either. So without further ado: 5 ways to win my heart...

1. I'm going to take a general approach to this point because I'm unsure if it's intended romantically or not; I love food - particularly anything sweet. I hope that's not too cliché... it's just fact, sorry. But I'm really not.

2. I'd say an appreciation for similar music to myself is crucial because I'm an avid live music listener - so it's a key way to spend time with someone. It's also a way - I feel - to know a person's soul without them having to express things themselves, even necessarily in words.

3. Another way to win my heart would be (and this is about to get deep) by being reliable. I've rarely had this in my life and I'm still reluctant to rely on anyone important to me - as it's such an important quality that if I see it ruined I lose a significant amount of trust. I have a tendency to attempt to keep up the illusion that people are reliable - even though this has rarely been the case for me.

4. Winning my heart - materialistically again, could also be done by buying me makeup or concert tickets (enough said)... Is that two things?

5. The final way to win my heart is through kindness - to everyone that one could possibly come across - because you never know what is going on in other people's lives, and I think it's an important quality to be able to remember this an put it into practice, regardless of that type day you might already be having.

So that was slightly sappy, but I feel it's important to write with one's heart. Thanks for reading if you made it to the end. I'll hopefully be back tomorrow.

- Ash