1 ~ Full name - Winter Redwood

Meaning ~ You can be very cold at times, and have a few close friends. You are independent, wild, free and immensely beautiful. You are also intelligent, and are into most arts.

2 ~ I am part Irish part French which is why my hair isnt fully blonde..

3 ~ my hair is whitish blonde and i have very pale skin which is why my parents named me Winter... :3

4 ~ my favorite colors are teal,aqua,gold and lilac.

blue, art, and paint image

5 ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing! it is literally moi life! I have been attending ballet,jazz and gymnastics for about 8 years....

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6 ~ I have an older sister named Ocean, but we have very different likes and interests.

7 ~ I am also very artistic..

art and paint image art and journal image

8 ~ I am a vintage and aesthetic freak hehehe

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9 ~ My favorite type of clothes that i always wear are short or crop tops.

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10 ~ my favorite style is bohemian

Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ fashion, outfit, and summer image Image by ❅W I N T E R❅

11 ~ I also love Boho jewellry

earrings, piercing, and turtle image beach, summer, and tattoo image Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ Image by ❅W I N T E R❅

12 ~ I love when my room is always neat and relaxing, decorated with cactii, fairy lights, books and light colors..which makes me feel peaceful and safe, which helps when studying..

bedroom, home, and bed image plants, cactus, and green image Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ home, bedroom, and decor image

13 ~ I am a very diligent and focused student at school..always doing excellent in my exams as i have hopes of becoming an E.R doctor in the near future..

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14 ~ my favorite animals are reindeers, foxes, dolphins and peacocks

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15 ~ I love travelling and visiting new places..
I have a thirst for adventure..

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Well that is it for my lovely collection :D
Hope you enjoyed!!!