• By heart i am...

1- Dreamer or Sound Sleeper

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By heart i am a dreamer, my head is always in the clouds.

2- Reckless or Reliable

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By heart i am reliable. I'm very good at hearing, and i like to give advice and help others

3- Garden Grower or a Forest Explorer

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By heart i'm a forest explorer. I love the forest, nature, the exteriors, and i'm also very curious, and love to walk and explore in general

4- Newspaper or Coloring Book

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i didn't understood this one, but i picked newspaper because i love to write and read. i'm not much of art

5- The Astronaut or The Moonchild

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By heart i'm the moonchild. i love the moon, i admire it. i could stare at it and the stars all night

6- Young at Heart or Old soul

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By heart i'm an old soul for sure. i love vintage stuff, and old music, and not fun modern things like teens my age. i was born in the wrong generation

7- Romantic or Realistic

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By heart i'm realistic. i'm always arguing with myself because i'm also a dreamer as i said before, but i don't like to get my hopes up about things that aren't going to happen, because i don't want to get dissapointed, or heartbroken. so i always try to be as realistic as possible, to myself and others, that's why sometimes people don't like me because i end up looking rude. i can't deny either way, that deep in my heart i'm a hopeless romantic

8- Cloud Gazer or Star Chaser

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By heart i'm a star chaser. I love the moon, and the stars, and the night in general

9- Mountain or Ocean

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By heart i'm mountain. i was born in the mountains and still live in them. i love the weather and the landscapes and everything about them

10- The Artist or The Muse

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By heart i'm the artist. I don't inspire anyone or have the things you need to be a muse. i am not that much into arts, but i like them , and i am really creative. i know deep down i have mi artistic side but i don't explore it enough
  • By heart i love or choose...

1- Sleeping Beneath the Stars or Sailing at Sunrise

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I'm a night owl if you haven't realized by now. so yeah, by heart sleeping under the stars a thousand times

2- Flying Into the Moon or Swimming to Atlantis

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I have to break my love for the night here. by heart i choose swimming to Atalntis, because i love Atlantis, and its mitology and swimming

3- Polaroid Pictures or Handwritten Letters

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By heart i can't choose. love both

4- Barefoot Adventures In the Jungle or Exploring Rooftops in Paris

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I love nature, and woods and the forest, but jungles scare the heck out of me. but i love Paris, so by heart i choose exploring rooftops in the City Of Love

5- Summer Nights or City Lights

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By heart i choose city lights. If you've read my previous article you now i hate summer, but i love cities and the night

6- Paiting or Poems

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By heart i choose poems. i like paintings, but i rather write and read, and words in general

7- Rainy Days or Stormy Nights

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Storms scare me a lot. but i love rain, and the smell of wet dirt, and just cozy up with that weather and read a book. by heart i choose rainy days

8- Vintage Postcards or Antique Telescopes

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C'mon. this poor old soul can't choose, both are great vintage stuff

9- Constellations or Conversations

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I'm really introvert and it's not easy for me to socialize, and i don't like much people, so yeah. with my eyes closed, i choose costellaions. i love the night sky and stars, and astrology is so interesting to me, i am reading more about it to learn

10- Deja Vu or Nostalgia

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I'm very nostalgic, always. i choose deja vu, the feeling of it scares me but intrigues me at the same time, it gives me goosebumps but in a good way