I saw this challenge going around and i absolutely had to write an article on it....
:3 My name is WINTER...

W - Wisteria tree

cottage and wisteria image beautiful, nature, and purple image purple, stars, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
wondrously mystical

I - Ivy

Temporarily removed architecture, blue, and budapest image fashion, style, and outfit image tattoo, accessories, and plants image
iridescent beauty

N - Nerine

aesthetic, flowers, and lily image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by marie m.
naturally me

T - Tiger flower

Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ background, floral, and florals image
tenderly caring

E - English bluebell

Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
effortlessly graceful

R - Rose

flowers, white, and rose image fashion, girl, and style image Image removed aesthetic, beautiful, and flower image
radiantly magical

I hope you all enjoyed...and thanks so much for reading!
i love yall!