hello, it's me, sana! if you've already read some of my precious articles, you know i'm a girl who loves old disney & nick shows, aesthetics, fashion, music, zodiacs/horoscopes, and baking. i'm also a huge stan of kpop! i'm always up for a good conversation if you'd like to chat. anyways, today i will be providing you all with a list of places i want to travel to ( cities, states, countries. ) i hope you'll enjoy reading and stick around to the end! xo.

1 | london.

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i've been to london before, but i so badly want to go back! i haven't traveled so long, and i was only a young, young child when i went to london. the place is so beautiful and holds so many wonderful sights. i love london so much, and i have family there.
  • tears dry on their own; amy winehouse.
  • rehab; amy winehouse.
  • set fire to the rain; adele.
  • turning table; adele.
  • rolling in the deep; adele.
  • when we were young; adele.
  • happier; ed sheeran.
  • castle on the hill; ed sheeran.

2 | paris, france.

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i've never been to paris as i haven't been to any of the others that are following after this. however, paris is so gorgeous. i have a grandparent that went, but me and my primary family never got to go due to my being in school. i really wish i could have gone, but that wasn't possible at the time. paris is such a pretty, romantic destination, and i would love to go.
  • la vie en rose; daniela adrade cover.
  • paris in the rain; lauv.
  • paris; the chainsmokers.
  • paris; the 1975.

3 | greece.

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greece. greece. greece. i have vowed to go there someday; the place is just so - stunning. this is one of the top on my list; i just want to go for a couple of reasons. athens is where i'd like to go to first. once again, greece is incredibly beautiful.

4 | italy.

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italy! gosh, i love italy so much. from the food to the fashion to every single speck of land. italian food is my favorite food! there is nothing i love more than spaghetti and pasta. the cuisine is outstanding the view is breathtaking.

5 | new york city, new york.

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holy! new york city has been a dream of mine ever since i was little. i remember looking up the best places in new york or the best destinations and landmarks in new york city or even brooklyn. new york city, however, has always been where i wanted to go to the most in new york. to me, new york was seen everywhere; in shows, books, movies. i mean, who could forget gossip girl? or friends?
  • welcome to new york; taylor swift.
  • new york city; the chainsmokers.
  • new york; ed sheeran.

6 | philadelphia.

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philadelphia. this place is just iconic. saying it even makes me get shivers. the good kind, too. i would adore to go! there are so many places i'd like to visit, and philadelphia is one of them.

7 | seoul // south korea.

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seoul's amazing, and, south korea, in general, is amazing. i'd love to go to seoul. south korea would be so amazing as well! i love the fashion and the entire aesthetic of the place. it's literally a work of art. plus, when i think of south korea & seoul, kpop is one of the first things that come in mind. and, when i think of kpop, i think of bts, got7, blackpink, exo, stray kids, astro, and seventeen.
  • coffee; bts.
  • awake; bts seokjin.
  • dimple; bts.
  • piece of peace; j - hope.
  • lonely; jonghyun & taeyeon.
  • ko ko bop; exo.
  • boombayah; blackpink.

8 | tokyo, japan.

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tokyo! now, when i think of tokyo & japan, i think of twice ( sana, especially. ) i think japan's fashion is so cool and unique, and i would love to take a look at the thrift stores. japan is so - well, out of this world.
  • lost in japan; shawn mendes.
  • butterfly; garnidelia.

9 | los angeles.

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los angeles! l.a. is literally the place for youtubers, as well as celebrities. i guess, it's a known thing about youtubers in los angeles. plus, the place just gives a feel to it. like - it's where dreams come true. it's almost indescribable.
  • my my my!; troye sivan.
  • new america; halsey.
  • hotter than hell; dua lipa.

10 | sydney, australia.

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sydney, australia is wonderful. i love australian people, and just, anyone with accents. australia has amazing fashion and stores. the places are absolutely breathtaking.
  • the good side; troye sivan.
  • stawberries & cigarettes; troye sivan.
  • riptide; vance joy.
  • she looks so perfect; 5 seconds of summer.
  • amnesia; 5 seconds of summer.
  • she's kinda hot; 5 seconds

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