H E Y E V E R Y O N E !

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What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

  • My writing.

-I've been writing for a long time but I've been writing stories since 2013, and I really think its my way to express my feelings, and show the world how creative I am. And it makes me happy because it's the one thing I can change and make better.

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  • Music

-Music is the temporary gateway to another world that makes you happy, and it helps me with so many things my writing, anxiety, feelings, and just keeps me calm. just a funny thing whenever I listen to any song it changes my attitude afterwards.

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  • Family

-Family is the most important thing to me, without my family I would be nothing, they irritate the hell out of me, but I know that the stuff that do is to prepare me for whatever is coming my way, and I couldn't thank them enough for that.

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  • Supernatural

-I love the show so much, its my guilty pleasure and just the whole story line just makes me happy, and I'm in love with the actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. they just love there fans so much and they just treat us like family, and the fandom are just supportive, I know I'm going to loose it when the show eventually ends.

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  • KKandbabyJ

- I love this family so much, they are just so adorable and just goals when I get there, I just fangirl every time they upload on you tube and I just make me go to Orlando just to meet them.They just put a smile on my face when Karen and Khoa just be goofy or themselves and Jackson and Landon are so adorable, I just want them to adopt me or let me just hang out with them.

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I hope you like this article and I'll see you tomorrow for DAY6.