Crushing on a boy that barely notices or talks to you? We've all been in that position and I'm here to kinda sorta help.

1. Dress Nicely

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Now I know it's so much better to be comfy and lazy but if you know you're going to see him a lot soon, try to make a good effort in how you look.

2. Get his eye

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Try to make direct eye contact with him a few times and send a small smile his way before looking anywhere but him for the next few minutes. He'll start to wonder about you.

3. Act lively around him

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If you're with friends and you notice him looking over at you, make sure to laugh or do anything to seem awake and like you're having fun. Most people like to see that someone is fun and light-hearted and it sparks interest.

4. Find a way to talk to him

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If you have a class with him then talk about a test or homework, or even about how boring your most recent class was!

5. Don't play hard to get

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This might seem obvious, especially if you've never talked but don't play hard to get. This will just make your guy assume you aren't interested and he'll most likely just forget about you in that way.

6. Show a little teeth

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Guys love it when a girl smiles a lot, it shows them to be a generally happy person which is very attractive!

7. Be a little clumsy

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So, don't trip down a staircase or anything, but if you pass him in the hallway or on a street, bump his shoulder lightly and apologize or send an awkward smile. This could easily start a convo or if not, it could simply just get him thinking about you!

8. Make him laugh

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If you're talking with him try to make some jokes or witty remarks to crack a smile or get him to laugh, just don't overdo it.

9. Be approachable

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It is a lot scarier to go talk to someone when they're with a group of friends, so if he's around you, try to be alone or at least separate yourself from the group to give the guy a chance.

10. Look busy

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People do have a habit of studying someone who they think is not looking in their direction. Doing this will get him to look at you more and he'll get to completely look at you to determine his interest if he isn't afraid of being caught.