Summer or Winter

snow, winter, and forest image Image by springkg natural image Image by egenur cansel_lucis
Winter a thousand times. i hate summer, i hate hot weather.

Sunrise or Sunset

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Sunset, love the colors. also like the sunrise but i don't see it that often

Night or Day

light, night, and neon image Image by huda._.nawzad stars, sky, and gif image night, quotes, and dark image

Rural or Urban

city, wallpaper, and new york image new york, photography, and tumblr image
City. But i like rural too, when i need peace and quiet

Introvert or Extrovert

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Cats or Dogs

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I love every kind of animal, but i'm a dog person

Books or Movies

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Both. but i see more movies than read books, because i read really slow.

Tea or Coffee

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Coffee. don't like dark coffee but i drink it in the mornings for an energy boost

Burguer or Pizza

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Ice cream or Yogurt

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Ice cream

Roses or Sunflowers

roses image rose, flowers, and red image
I love roses, but only red ones.

Tattoos or Piercings

tattoo, rose, and aesthetic image piercing, earrings, and accessories image tattoo, flowers, and tatto image piercing, boy, and lips image
Both, i love both, i want both

Freackles or Dimpels

Image by hecate dimples, smile, and cute image boy, smile, and tumblr image Image removed
Dimples. i'm obsessed with them

B&W or Color

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Heals or Sneakers

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Both. i mostly use sneakers, but i love wearing heels, i feel so fancy

Skirt or Pants

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Pants! skirts are so uncomfortable to me

Leather or Denim

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Bikini or Whole Piece

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Bikini. i like both, but i hate how i look with whole piece, so i use bikini

Drawing or Painting

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i'm better at drawing, but i like both

Zoo or aquarium

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i like all kinds of animals, i enjoy going to any of them, i can't choose one

Bath or Shower

bath, relax, and wine image Temporarily removed

Tan or Pale

Image by Intricate Syndacate girl, grunge, and shade image