Hi hearters!
today I bring the female version of this article:

Im srsly the worst like I love so many characters lmfao I have 0 control over myself , I just love anime so much because I can find all type of stories, deep, funny or entertaining plus the character designs are always so cute ♡♡

Here is the list in no particular order of preference:

  • 1) Zoey / Ichigo
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OMG I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH she is basically the reason I got obsessed with nekomimi girls :'(
anime, kawaii, and pink image
i could srsly watch her transform herself over and over and not get tired she is so beautiful!!!
  • 2) Sakura Kinomoto
anime, anime girl, and card captor sakura image anime, card captor sakura, and clamp image
I srsly wanted to look like her when I was like 6 years old I used to cry bc I wanted my mom to do my hair like her and she didnt let me wear it that way hahaha
  • 3) Tomoyo Daidouji
anime, anime girl, and clamp image anime image
She is so cuteeeeee
  • 4) Lime
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aaaaaa she is so cuteeeee I love her little fangs
  • 5) Mio Akiyama
anime, k-on, and girl image Image removed
the fact that she is so shy makes her extra adorable
  • 6) Azusa Nakano
k-on and anime image anime, k-on!, and azusa image
  • 7) Yui
k-on image anime, gif, and girl image
She is so adorableeee
  • 8) Tsumugi
anime, blonde, and girl image anime image
I LOVE HER she is my fave from K-on! I own a figure of her
  • 9) Karuta
inu x boku ss and anime image anime, inu x boku ss, and karuta image
prob the only kuudere I like
  • 10) Kirara
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this anime was boring even for its genre but there were cute charas
  • 11) Mao Amatsuka
anime, gif, and cute image anime, anime girl, and kawaii image
ironically she is one of my fave characters even tho I hated the anime she is from, she is just so adorable and perfect
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  • 12) Chidori Kaname
anime, blue, and full image anime, full metal panic, and kaname chidori image
so beautiful and so underrated :(
  • 13) Sena Kashiwazaki
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she is so gorgeous!!! and this anime ( Boku wa tomodachi ) is really funny
  • 14) Astarotte
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This anime was kinda gross :( but lotte is still really cute
  • 15) Erio Touwa
anime, erio, and denpa onna image Temporarily removed
I have to be honest and say that she wasn't my favorite character I found her a bit annoying at times, but c'moooon she is so beautiful!!! I'm a sucker for blue hair you guys and the sparkly hair sold me :(
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daaammmnnn you guys appreciate the beauty!!!
  • 16) Mimi
childhood, mimi, and pink image gif, digimon, and mimi tachikawa image
I loved her so much i love spoiled brats and crybabies
  • 17) Yui
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Angel Beats has to be one of the best anime I have seen sooooo good you guys! watch it if you haven't
  • 18) Anaru
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another anime gem, Anaru is beautiful but also my favorite character from Anohana
  • 19) Nadja Applefield
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the fact that her heart is so pure makes her 100000 times cuter tbh
  • 20) Chinatsu
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Yuru yuri is filled with cute girls but Chinatsu is the cutest imo plus her horrible personality makes me like her even more lmao
  • 21) Kuro
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sooooooo gorgeoussss!!
  • 22) Rin Kokonoe
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so problematic but so cuteeeee
  • 23) Yuu
anime, kawaii, and yuu image anime image
she is the reason I started watching this anime lmao
  • 24) Nico Yazawa
anime image Temporarily removed
omggggggg I love her soooo much she is so perfect
  • 25) Kirino Kousaka
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I don't care if 90% of the world hates her
  • 26) Panty Anarchy
anime, girl, and panty & stocking image Abusive image
I know people are going to want to kill me but I find Panty cuter than Stocking
psg, panty and stocking, and panty & stocking image
pls appreciate the perfection
  • 27) Mizore Shirayuki
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Does someone remember Rosario Vampire? ;-;
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look at how pretty those eyes are *-*
  • 28) Ekaterina Kurae
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omg for real this anime is GROSS but the character design is so pretty , life is unfair :(
  • 29) Nymph
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SHE IS SO CUTE im a sucker for twintails too :(
  • 30) Ikaros
ikaros and anime image Temporarily removed
OMGG so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • 31) Minori Kushieda
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  • 32) Yami
anime, blonde hair, and to love ru image anime, anime girl, and blonde hair image
She was the reason I started watching to love ru but I couldnt even finish it it was to absurd I can't believe it has so many seasons
  • 33) Run
anime, green hair, and to love ru image anime, green hair, and pink eyes image
a guy that turns into a girl but still really pretty
  • 34) Nia Teppelin
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One of my first waifus she is so gorgeous!! with long AND short hair and she has the sweetest soul ever
gurren lagann and nia teppelin image
  • 35) Yoko Littner
anime, girl, and looking image anime, gif, and gurren lagann image
She has to have one of the coolest character designs, plus this anime is GOOD
  • 36) Fate Testarossa
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my ultimate waifu!!!!! SHE IS PERFECT
  • 37) Yayoi kise
pretty cure and precure image
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I love her so much she is so close to being my ultimate waifu too, she is adorable, a crybaby, blonde ;-;
  • 38) Tsukasa Hiiragi
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she is so adorableee ;u;
  • 39) Konata Izumi

I love her so much she is one of my favorite characters she is the reason my name is konlaw lmao

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and... there you have it guys my infinit list of fictional crushes

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