1. Who is your most beautiful bias?.

Park Chanyeol -- EXO

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Okay, I dont know why I like it, it's very ugly... it's a lie, it's beautiful, I'm going to cry

2. Which bias would you like to have a friendship with?

Kim Kibum -- Shinee

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I think it's really fun, it would be nice to laugh with him

3. Among your bias, which one would you like to date?

Zhang Yixing -- EXO

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I think he is very nice and a very good person, I really love him♥

4. A Bias Woman


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I don't know if I would take it as my bias but it's the only girl that I like so much

5. A Second Bias Man

Do Kyungsoo -- EXO

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I DONT KNOW I LOVE HIM I CRY TEARS, he is so beautiful

6. Your most recent bias

Chen Linong -- He is currently in idol producer

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I really love him, is my sunshine baby, i wanna hug him

7. A Soloist


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She is so cool and my favorite soloist

8. Your favorite lider.

Onew -- Shinee

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I love Shinee too much, they are the owners of my heart therefore he is my favorite leader and others of my baby

9. Your Favorite Rapper.

Woo Jiho -- Block B

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hearing it is like hearing rap of the gods, i l-o-v-e h-i-m.

10. Your favorite vocal.

Kim Jonghyun -- Shinee

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I really love him, he is always be in my heart and nobody compares with him voice♥

11. Your Favorite Maknae.

Oh Sehun -- EXO

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He is so funny and so obviously with your facial expression, i adore him

12. Your Favorite Dancer

JongMinXing (Jongin-EXO. Jimin-BTS. Yixing-EXO).

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