I'm sitting in front of my computer, I'm eleven and I'm a big fan of the Jonas Brothers. I love surfing on the Internet, especially on Twitter and reading articles about different artists. I'm on a gossip page and a new video appears on my screen: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. I wonder, who's this blonde girl? I press play and the video starts.
And I fall in love.

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Taylor Swift (album)

The You Belong With Me video had just been dropped when I found it on the Internet but I would've never guessed that Taylor would become such an important person in my life. She's not just my role model, but my friend. She doesn't know me personally but, at the same time, she does.
I've been asked this question multiple of times, especially nowadays when people seem to hate on her even more than years ago. To be honest, I've asked myself why is she so important to me and I'm writing this to answer this question knowing that most people in here feel the same way.

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Back when I was eleven, I was a hopeless romantic but I also was growing pretty fast as most of the people do at that age. You're still a child but you're also growing up and facing multiple challenges. Taylor sang about those challenges but it wasn't until I listened to A Place In This World that I said to myself: this girl is different. This girl knows how I feel and she doesn't even know me. I'm not alone.

Now, people might say you were just eleven, you didn't know anything about life or how hard it can be sometimes. I'm not going to argue on that. People have different points of view and just because you didn't feel alone during your teenage years didn't mean that I didn't have the right to feel that way but that doesn't matter on this article, what does matter is that I still feel the same way nowadays. I'm 20. I don't know what I want to do with my life. I mean, yes, I do. I'm a writer and I want to publish a book one day but it's hard, to live as an artist is hard. And do you know who struggled for many years to become successful? Yes. Taylor Swift.

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Speak Now

So, as you can see, Taylor's been with me for many years. I've cried, laughed, fallen in love and out of love through her music. I've lived knowing that it was okay to be different, to be fearless, to speak now, that it's okay to cry for love and feel deeply, to shake it off and that it's okay to fall as long as you're willing to stand up again, stronger that before.

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There's one quote that Taylor said at one of her concerts that helped me through rough times:

»You're not going nowhere just because you haven't arrived at your final destination yet.

I hope it helps you too.

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Well, this article ended up being longer than I've expected but I really needed to write about the most important person in my life. I'm sorry if there's any grammar mistake. I'm from Argentina, therefore English is not my first language.

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See you soon.