disclaimer: I'm not a native english speaker, I will do my best but there will be mistakes.

my goals for this year

So for the past week i have bin in a little bit of a struggle with myself. I have bin stressing a lot about things like my future and because of that I started overthinking everything I did. So I decided it was time for a fresh start. I will push that reset button and set myself some new goals for this year, kind of like new years resolutions, the difference is that It's almost April.
Maybe your wondering why I decided to make an article about this. Well it's mostly for myself, in the past I have had some difficulties with achieving the goals that I set, I'm hoping that by writing this article I will have another motivation to keep working to achieve what i want.
This doesn't mean that The only reason for writing this is because of my own motivation. i'm planning to keep uploading articles about my progress, give tips and tricks and share my experience.
I'm also gonna upload monthly goals for myself.
sorry for this long ass intro, here are my goals for this year to become a better version of myself.

disclaimer pt.2: I'm not doing this because i'm unhappy with myself, like the title said, I'm doing this to create a better version of myself.

1. Be healthier

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this is probably the most important goal to set for yourself. when people hear the word healthier they automatically associate it with getting more exercise or eating better. but maybe more important is the mental health part. you also have to keep in mind that getting healthier isn't about getting a better body, its about taking better care of your body.

2. Be more social.

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This is pretty self explanatory, going out more often and making more friends.

3. Stop procrastinating and be more organized.

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it's one of the main sources for my stress. When i have to do something important I get stressed out about it and start to delay, which leaves me with even more stress. two of the things that i would like to achieve are; starting my driving lessons and getting a job.

4. Be more confident.

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I need to stop overthinking things, who cares what other people think, it's my life and i will do it my way.

5. Find out what I want to do with my future.

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In a few months I will be finishing high school and I really need to figure out what i want to do next because I still have no clue. prograysanating is also has a big part in this.

6. Try new things.

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Don't be afraid, if you never try you will never know. start by finding a new hobby.

7. More books, less internet.

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This doesn't mean I can't watch any series or movies, and I will be using it for WHI. but I want to get it in my system that when I'm bored I grab a ( real* ) book instead of surfing the internet. real*= not an Ebook or a Wattpad book.

8. write more.

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Although this is kind of going against my last goal, I want to write more. this can be in the form of a Wattpad book, but it can also be by writing articles.

9. Improve my style.

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I want to improve my style because it's all over the place at the moment. Not only do I want to improve my clothes but also my hair and make-up style. because if I'm pushing the reset button I better do it good.

10. Be a nicer and more positive person.

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Be nicer to other people and stay positive.

my 10 goals for this year, I really hope that a year from now I can be proud of myself because of what I achieved. But who knows, only the time can tell.

I hoped you liked reading this article, it took me some time to write. It's 2 AM at the moment so there will be some mistakes in here because I really need to go to sleep.
If you have a comment or if you just want to talk send me a post card x.
I hope to see you in my next article.

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