3 Pet Peeves


Chewing Loudly

I can't with that, it makes me so annoyed because there's nothing more like un-manered than chewing loudly with your mouth open, I can't even. Like chewing gum is fine as long as you don't show me that you're chewing gum.

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° T W O


This doesn't just annoyes me, it angers me. Like it's fine if you're exited that you have a new car, you can talk me about that all day and I'll even be excited for you but if you keep saying it for a week I'll kill you. And it's the certain way people say it that makes me want to like grab my heart out tie it to a rock and throw it to their head.

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° T H R E E

Boys who think they can get any girl

Nope. This I can't, I will explode. Boys not every single girl in this planet likes you, please get over it! The worse part that this makes them so "smart" as if they know more than you, as if you're not enough for them.

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