Happy Easter Everyone!! So I am super excited for this Easter as I hope you all are too! So here are some fun activities for you to try for this holiday!

Paint some eggs

easter, eggs, and pink image easter, eggs, and pink image Image by ❅W I N T E R❅ blue, eggs, and easter image easter, easter eggs, and eggs image unicorn, easter, and eggs image

Eat chocolate

chocolate and wallpaper image chocolate, love it, and sweet image food, dessert, and chocolate image aesthetic, bunny, and Chick image

Have an egg hunt

easter, money, and funny image easter, spring, and egg hunt image

Bake treats

Image removed cupcake and frosting image cupcake, easter, and food image cake, easter, and love it image bunny, candy, and cupcakes image Image by IVONE SALETE

Paint Easter themed nails

nails, easter, and nail art image Image by Stephany Acosta :* Image by Monica Victoria easter, nail art, and simple image spring nails, spring nail art, and spring nail art designs image

Hang out with family and friends

summer, friends, and beach image pizza, friends, and friendship image celebration, gathering, and family image Image by Elena

Get your Easter eggs found yet?

Happy Easter!
~Lexi B