I'm so happy that you've liked my article about Here We Go Again.
Music and Science are my truly passions and since I'm studying Medicine in a city that's one hour far from my home I can satisfy my musical need too.

When I get mad to an artist (and believe me there are sooo many reasons why I would) I don't listen to any of their material, even when I used to love that musician.

I happened with Beyoncé. I can't afford paying for Tidal to listen to her music, and I don't matter if she's the best artist of our era or not. Lemonade came out I didn't even know what that album was about, its singles or its position on the charts.

To abreviate my story, I was bored and I got the chance to see the Lemonade film, since that day I can´t stop listening the album.

It's raw, it's cruel, it's pain... and I can feel it everytime I put on a song of it, doesn't matter which, I just gets me every f****** time.

I love "Don't Hurt Yourself", "6 Inch" and "Freedom", but if I have to choose the masterpiece of the album, for me, that would be "Daddy Lessons".

If you haven't heard anything from Lemonade yet, take a look at this song but be careful 'cause you might fall in love!

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