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My deepest thoughts comes from the center of my brain, it unravels the truth and causes me to feel heartache and pain. Knowing the truth hurts, but still I shall lay with my eyes closed to the tender verity that nags at me to understand my awakening. The dreaming will replace my reality until I can force myself to dream of another day, time, month, season, second, and year. For one to truly understand the meaning of pain, one must feel misery to grasp. The fireflies that surround my every lasting body is the amusing sorrow I hold dear to my heart, the beating of my heart is the rhythm of sadness that can't be over ran by happiness. Beneath the surface of ones heart the broken pieces that shall lay with the amount of understanding that forces them to stay broken is something strangely appealing to the eye. I can't replace my deepest thoughts for I fell in love with them, my dreams that neighboring them is something very meaningful and so satisfying. The awaken moment of time is like the ocean that smacks onto the beach sweeping the sand into it's own death, the ocean waters embrace the sand as it goes back to lay for another and prepare for another grip.

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